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About Puraflo

Puraflo is an environmentally friendly, modular wastewater treatment system that uses a Bio-fibrous peat media to treat the effluent by a combination of biological, physical and chemical processes to the highest of standards.

Puraflo can work in conjunction with your existing Septic Tank, Tri-cel Novo or Tri-cel Platinum (formerly Anua Platinum) where a higher level of effluent filtration is required before being dispersed into the ground.

Advantages of the Puraflo sewage treatment system

  • Flexible design and sizing options
  • Odour-free
  • Economical to run and maintain
  • Ideal for holiday homes with intermittent usage
  • Certified to EN12566-3
  • High level pathogen and nitrogen removal
  • Eco friendly
  • Minimal system operational and maintenance requirements
  • Tertiary treatment options for sensitive sites
  • Retrofit able into existing systems




How Puraflow Works

puraflo domestic sewagepuraflo-domestic-wastewater-treatment


Wastewater flows from the home or facility into a watertight septic tank. The solids settle and the liquid effluent flows by gravity through a commercial effluent filter to a pump basin/tank.


The liquid effluent is pumped into the Puraflo modules at timed intervals, where it is evenly distributed onto the bio-fibrous peat media. Treatment of the effluent now takes place by a combination of biological, chemical, and physical processes as it filters through the peat fiber media.

Dispersal or Water Reuse

The treated effluent from the Puraflo modules is then dispersed either into a gravel pad directly below the modules or is collected for dispersal by other methods, including gravel trenches, LPP, drip irrigation or other dispersal methods.

The treated effluent can also be collected and re-used which may require chemical or UV disinfection.

Tertiary Treatment

In those sites where a high level of treatment is required such as environmentally sensitive sites, SAC’s, watershed protection areas the Puraflo system provides a practical and acceptable solution.

Combining the Puraflo peat modules with an existing or new secondary treatment system provides tertiary treatment standards with a very high level of pathogen and nutrient reduction.





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