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Septic Tank Upgrades

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We provide a personal service that begins with a free site visit by Jim Phibbs to establish what your requirements are. From the first phone call and free site visit to final certification, we believe that you will feel comfortable with our experience and professionalism. We carry out percolation tests and septic tank installation in compliance with the EPA Code of practice and to the highest standards. We also carry out all repairs big or small to septic tanks and percolation areas.

All staff at our jobs are employed directly by Bluestream, many for more than ten years and are highly skilled and motivated ensuring the best results for our customers every time.

Simple Steps to Upgrading Your Septic Tank

A site survey and visual assessment involve a qualified and experienced staff member visiting your property. The survey will identify any obvious malfunctions. Flaws or difficulties that may be affecting the performance of your system.

A percolation test needs to be carried out in order to fill out a site characterisation report. This is to establish how good or bad you insitu soil is t percolate (soak) water i.e. T&P Tests. We will then recommend a suitable sized waste water treatment system in accordance with EPA guidelines for which you can now get costings.

We will then provide you with a comprehensive , itemised quotation. Now you can decide to use one of our many ranges of services from supply only through to assisted installation or our most popular full installation, all with appropriate certification. We guarantee no hidden costs or charges.

Bluestream pride ourselves in high quality customer service with the longest warranty on the market including free de-sludge and service 12 months after we carry out full installation. We offer a highly competitive service maintenance contracts or optional no obligation annual text reminders. After 35 years of installing Septic Tanks, we understand the importance of high quality customer service.

A typical gravity/trench percolation area system comprises of a distribution box and a series of trenches. Percolation pipes are placed in the trenches and surrounded by suitably sized stone which is covered by a layer of geo-textile material.

Gravity/Trench Percolation area

Pressurised Polishing Filter

Pressurised percolation systems are usually used where there are space restrictions on site. Pressurised distribution is a more efficient method of distributing effluent and so requires a considerably smaller area for which to install.


We will desludge your tank FOC when we are awarded with the upgrading of your septic tank until we can get to you. This is usually about two weeks.

We have the longest warranties on entire septic tank system including percolation area.

Competitive Finance Packages

We will de-sludge and decommission existing tank as a part of the upgrade.

Your price is guaranteed in writing.

However big or small the septic tank upgrade or septic tank repair you may require, we will be happy to visit your site free and provide you with the best advice most cost effective solution for your needs.

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