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Wastewater Systems

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Bluestream’s Tri-cel Wastewater Treatment Systems are manufactured using a GRP sheet moulded plastic construction technique which is at the cutting edge of technology.

Manufactured in Kilarney, Co Kerry, our systems are the market leaders in Biological Aeration Filtration systems providing you with simplicity of design and functionality, allowing for the most cost effective, easily maintainable systems available on the market.

With correct use and maintenance we guarantee a lifetime of reliable service. We supply a large range of septic tanks, waste water treatment systems and percolation solutions all guaranteed to be the highest standard using Irish manufactured products.

Primary settlement takes place in the primary settlement chamber where the waste water is introduced. The solids drop to the bottom and are separated from the liquid. Anaerobic breakdown now begins to occur and improves the Water quality.

Biological treatment takes place in the aeration chamber where masses of naturally occurring bacteria inhabit specially designed growing media. These bacteria are sustained by air, which is continuously supplied from a purpose built pump housed in the top section of the unit.

The treated liquid now flows into the third chamber where final settlement of sludge occurs. This sludge is continuously returned to the primary chamber by a sludge return line and treated liquid is now safely discharged to the percolation area.

Advantages of a Tricel® System

Certified to highest possible European Standards EN 12566-3

Highest possible performance (BOD₅:95.7%)

Low maintenance costs

Low running costs

15 Year Warranty on tank

Easily de-sludged

Quiet in operation

Agrēment Board Approved Number 06/0208

Site assessments to meet planning requirements

Underground installation causes minimal visual impact.

How a Tricel® System Works

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Tricel Brochure


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